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October 2nd, 2012 by rootwade

I believe our political leaders have it wrong.  They’ve been clamouring for photo ops over the last few days of them buying beef at the local chain supermarket while ensuring consumers that the beef is safe to eat.  This while the E. Coli recall expands almost daily.  Here’s what I think they should be telling consumers.  The days of cheap beef are over and we need to eat a lot less of it.  We need to decentralize our processing facilities and reexamine our testing methods.  We need to pay for skilled labour and training so we can limit the exposure of our beef to the bacteria.  We need to move away from feedlot finishing because it results in higher concentrations of E. Coli. in cattle.  We need to invest in many small processing facilities so that when this happens again, and it will, the impact will be much smalller because the output from a smaller plant will mean less beef that needs recalling.  And finally they should be telling consumers that it’s up to them to know where their beef comes from.  If their rancher or local store can’t tell them then they should take their dollars elsewhere.  Albertans deserve to eat well raised animals, rich in nutrients, processed in safer and more attentive ways, in a system that makes the ranchers and processors providing it more sustainable.  But you won’t hear that from a politician.

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